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When The evil one at arrived in The Borderlands and took control over everything, they hunted down and killed all the people who were members of the order of Monster Hunters. The monster hunters were responsible for containing and eliminating with their powerful weapons all the monsters and evil they encountered in the world .

The Borderlands are destroyed and are at the mercy of beasts and violent monsters that corrupt everything they touch. The inhabitants are distrustful and the world has changed so much that no one remembers it. It seems that the end of an era, but there is still hope. 

You are the last Monster Hunter and it is in your hands to restore order to the world. You have in your possession The Scattergun of Destiny, the only weapon capable of harming The Evil One, but in order to use it you will need the six legendary bullets that are hidden somewhere in The Borderlands.

Your mission will be to find the Six Legendary Bullets and to recover them all to defeat The Evil One. Accomplish your mission before you become a monster yourself.

The game:

Monster Hunter is a solo journaling game created for the Firelights JAM 2023 with the Firelights Creator Kit by René-Pier Deshaies. The game was released under CC-BY-SA 4.0. You are welcome to take this game and make it yours, hack it, or create something totally new with its mechanics, even commercially.


Written and Layout: La esquina del rol

Contributors: Kapithan, Pedro-Juan FerrerFran Kane.

Playtester: HGuerrero & KarlisHDZ

Ilustrator: Perplexing Ruins



The game features:

  • A  tri-fold PDF easy to print a full color or Black & White.
  • Game based on the engine that powers Firelights.
  • Inspired by Grant Howitt's Honey Heist mechanics.
  • Seven player facing actions to Take the Risk, Search for Resources, Overcome Challenge, Discover Place, Fight Monster, Evade Danger, and Staring at the Abyss.
  • It includes mechanics of advantage and disadvantage in rolls. It also adds a mechanic to change the points assigned to approaches during the game.
  • Released in English and Spanish.
  • The game was released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.


"Monster Hunter offers a truly unique and thrilling experience for solo RPG players. The game combines elements of adventure, exploration, and combat, but does so in a way that affects the balance of how you’ll approach each challenge over the course of the game. It is a very elegant Guided by Firelights game that builds on the original system, but shifts it in new and very interesting directions." - René-Pier Deshaies.

"A flavorful punch of Weird West, side-scrolling Metroid style monster hunting action! Find the Legendary Bullets, find the Evil One, and don't lose your shit while you're at it!" - Perplexing Ruins.

"A wild experience. Like a bullet flying through a valley full of sinister shadows and ferocious monsters that are trying to rip you apart." -Role Per Second

En castellano:

Cuando el Maligno llegó a las Tierras Fronterizas y se hizo con el control de todo, persiguió y asesinó a todas las personas que eran miembros de la orden de Cazadores de Monstruos. Los cazadores de monstruos tenían la responsabilidad de contener y eliminar al mal que atormentaba a todos los habitantes del mundo. 

Las Tierras Fronterizas están destruidas y a merced de bestias y monstruos violentos que corrompen todo lo que tocan. Los habitantes son desconfiados y el mundo ha cambiado tanto que nadie lo recuerda. Pareciera que ha llegado el fin de los tiempos, pero todavía hay una esperanza. 

Eres el último Cazador de Monstruos y en tus manos está restablecer el orden del mundo. Tienes en tu poder la Escopeta del Destino, la única arma capaz de hacer daño al Maligno, pero para poder utilizarla necesitarás las Seis Balas Legendarias que se encuentran ocultas en diferentes lugar de las Tierras Fronterizas.

Tu misión será encontrar las Seis Balas Legendarias y recuperarlas todas para poder derrotar al Maligno. Cumple con tu misión antes de que  te conviertas en un monstruo.

El juego:

Cazador de Monstruos es un juego de diario en solitario creado para la Firelights Jam 2023 con el Kit del Creador de René-Pier Deshaies. El juego está publicado bajo una licencia CC-BY-SA 4.0 Internacional. Si deseas puedes utilizarlo para hacer el tuyo, hackearlo, o crear algo totalmente nuevo con las mecánicas, incluso comercialmente.

Lo que la gente dice:

"Cazador de Monstruos (Monster Hunter) ofrece una experiencia realmente única y emocionante para los jugadores . El juego combina elementos de aventura, exploración y combate, pero lo hace de una forma que afecta al equilibrio de cómo abordarás cada desafío a lo largo del juego. Es un juego Guided by Firelights muy elegante que se basa en el sistema original, pero lo lleva hasta direcciones nuevas y muy interesantes." - René-Pier Deshaies.

"¡Un buen toque de Weird West con acciones de caza de monstruos al puro estilo de Metroid!¡Encuentra las Balas Legendarias!¡Encuentra al Maligno! ¡Pero no pierdas la cabeza mientras estás en ello!". - Perplexing Ruins.

"Una experiencia salvaje. Como una bala disparada a través de un páramo lleno de sombras siniestras y monstruos feroces que intentan despedazarte." - Role Per Second


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Quick question:

When fighting a monster,  is it the number of cards that has to match the monster's strength, or the number on the cards has to add up to that strength?

Hey! Thanks for asking! yeah, is the number of cards that has to match the monster’s strength to defeat it

Thanks for the quick response. I kept playing after I asked that, and when I would've one-shotted my third monster, I figured I was doing it wrong ;-)

Thanks for playing it. I hope you had fun.

I am! I'm hoping, if I can manage the right combination of attention and motivation, to get the framework of a short story out of it.

Good game, with addition of simple but enriching mechanics. Thank you for community copies!

You’re welcome, thanks for the review! I hope you enjoyed!